At Forest and Rain, we love life. And, by life, we mean the natural artistry that surrounds us. From trees and plants to air, fire and wind; from animals, insects to birds, we share a bond and an innate connection with everything around us. We believe that the entire universe and the components that make it up are always involved in a spectacular dance in which each element works in perfect coordination with others.

To keep this magical dance going, we need to ensure that the natural life around us remains intact. However, with the forest cover going down, and the earth losing its green. We decided to bring some of it back in the form of Forest and Rain. We are here to create vibrant and rich Rainforests in your living spaces and homes.

We are a group of designers, horticulturists, entrepreneurs, plant enthusiasts, who are inspired to see the earth thriving with life. As we turn your blank walls into vibrant and rich forests, we want you to experience life and nature in all its glory.

Our Story

The forest has the answers to the majority of our problems. With the tall trees and shrubs around us, we have an unique sensation of silence and serenity. There is a melody without rhythm and music without sound. There’s yoga without stretching and there’s tranquilly without efforts. Forest living is a rejuvenating experience in and of itself. We’ve always been awestruck by how profoundly this paradise affects the human mind and life.

We first came across the notion of living breathable walls in Amsterdam around 8 years ago, and the memory of it stayed with us ever since, until we decided to do something about it. We successfully formed our Hardware, that specialise in concept walls, and chose to bring the product to the entire world.

We aren’t here to just create, but restore. Therefore, for every Rs 3000 you spend with us, a tree will be planted in your name by the Isha foundation headed by Sadhguru, towards Cauvery Calling, a movement to plant 250 crore trees and save the dying river Cauvery.

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