Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Forest and Rain walls are created by skilled horticulturists to produce healthy plants. Living walls planters produce a natural growing habitat from top to bottom. We only use the most advanced technology, which keeps the soil aerated and exposes the plants to air, allowing them to last longer. Similarly, our patented irrigation system water your plants naturally, as if it were rain, but in evenly calibrated volumes throughout each layer of your living wall to maintain nutrient levels and plant health.

A living wall is distinguished by its simplicity, ease of installation, and long-term viability.

Finally, a living wall is breathtakingly gorgeous, even when the plants are dormant.

Vicinity Greenwall is a cutting-edge, modular, and adaptable system that can be customised to fit any project or location. It’s been employed in some of the world’s most prestigious residential, retail, and hotel developments.

Our modular hardware allows you to quickly and easily create a vertical garden. Our pre-engineered irrigation system makes irrigation simple and reliable, eliminating the need to develop new irrigation systems for each project.

The Vicinity Greenwall solution is made up of three subsystems, that when combined, creates one of the most flexible greenwall systems on the market. We are the only greenwall manufacturer to provide you with comprehensive greenwall kits, removing any need for custom building with separate components.

  • Removes contaminants from the air.
  • Increases the biodiversity of the environment.
  • Boost your productivity and creativity.
  • Enhances your sense of well-being.
  • Lower maintenance costs and plant longevity
  • Green walls have been found in studies to lower ambient noise by up to 40 decibels.
  • Lower maintenance costs and plant longevity.
  • Living walls purify air
  • They boost productivity
  • They help in reducing stress
  • They increase a feeling of wellbeing
  • Green spaces bring people together
  • Offers a powerful healing environment

Indoor air quality is improved by using living walls. They offer oxygen, humidity, and lower levels of particles and volatile organic compounds naturally (VOCs). People are happier, healthier, and more creative, productive, and focused when they are surrounded by plants. They have lower cortisol levels and are less stressed.

A successful wall requires one-of-a-kind technology that meets all the integrated needs. We utilise a geo textile bag to make sure the water is uniformly dispersed throughout our plants. The bag also keeps the sand aerated, minimising hardening of the soil. Roots will be able to grow healthier as a result of this. Because of our angled design, the water does not sit still and instead seeps out. The irrigation system’s water is fed to the plants at a slower rate, passing gently through the geo mesh bag and evenly reaching all of the plants. In addition, the hexagonal bricks create an interlocking pattern. The purpose of this intelligent creature was to make the entire world a better place.

We currently have a team of specialists with the necessary aesthetic sense to design your ideal wall. It takes a lot of effort to design a forest wall. Let’s imagine you have a 100-square-foot space that can hold close to 300 plants. Now it’s up to all of these plants to work together as one to create a stunning living wall. Fortunately, we have a team of horticulturists and designers who can help us achieve our goal. Leave the selection of the appropriate plant, colour, and size to us. We will identify the suitable plants for your location based on a variety of parameters such as temperature, location, sunlight, and humidity.

Our method is soil-based, which means it requires far less maintenance than a typical hydroponic vertical garden. Because the water is held in the soil for a longer period of time. In the event of a system failure, the soil also preserves the plants’ longevity.

Whether you prefer to do-it-yourself or you are a professional, the Vicinity Greenwall system is easy to install. With irrigation, you have a choice of either installing the system with water tanks or with a simple dripper that can be connected to a standard tap.

Equipment needed?

• Drop Sheet • Drill • Tape Measure • Hack Saw • Box Cutter • Silicone • Star Screwdriver • Flashlight • Spirit Level • Vacuum Cleaner • Soapy Water • Masking Tape

The dripper system is placed at the top of the wall, dripping water into the pots. The water drains through the pots and down the wall, into the tanks. The same water is used again in the irrigation system when a pump is installed in the master tank, making it an environmentally friendly solution. Watering is done on a wet-dry cycle. Flood irrigation means water will fill the system for one hour, flood the full wall, and then be left to dry before watering again. The pump is attached to an electrical outlet. A timer can be installed to manage watering times.

Create small walls for confined spaces or expand your wall for a large scale solution.

Our designers define fixtures, bulbs, and location to ensure that the living wall is well-lit and receives the full spectrum of light necessary for optimal plant growth.

Our smart sensor technology will monitor the system and ensure that it is functioning correctly at all times. The sensors can detect irrigation failures, alerting the customer and operators at Vicinity of any problems before long-term damage can occur.

We suggest both, you can help us pick up your plants, while we make our list ready with our team of designers and plant enthusiasts.