We find ourselves blessed and lucky to create these beautiful consecrated spaces and life ecosystems, as a small step to bring back the sync between all species of the planet and human consciousness.

You may make your wall in one of the two ways. One in which you install the vicinity system yourself, or one in which you entrust the work to our professionals and sit back and relax while your dream space comes to life.

  • Guidance and Care
    • You’ll be given guidance on the kind of plants to use, the weather conditions in which the plants will thrive, taking care of them, styling them, and how to reap the benefits of these plants during the installation process.
  • Selecting plants
    • This is the section where we place the greatest emphasis. Choosing the proper healthy plants for your living wall, and more significantly, giving it a forest appearance, is crucial for us. We  ensure that the plant is healthy and has strong roots. We have a list of plant suppliers, giving us top quality plants suitable for all seasons. Before being installed, the plants are subjected to a thorough inspection.

Our team has the necessary artistic sensibility to create your ideal wall. It takes a lot of time, dedication and creativity to design it. Let’s assume you have a 100-square-foot space that can hold around 300 plants. Now, we have to make all these plants to work together as one to create a stunning living wall.

We have a team of horticulturists and designers that can help. Leave the selection of the appropriate plant, colour, and size to us. We will choose the correct plants for your living wall based on a variety of criteria such as temperature, location, sunshine, humidity, and so on.

This is a critical factor to consider. Plants demand continual care and attention. We’ll provide a lot of videos and articles to help you deal with it effectively. These forest walls are beautiful, and we want to see them grow in the future. That’s why, we are here, ready to tailor a maintenance plan for your specific requirements.

A frame enhances the beauty of an artwork. Similarly, a forest frame adds to the beauty of your living space. To beautify your wall, we have a few partners that are skilled in a number of materials, including stainless steel, wood, and aluminium.

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